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Burnsville Land Community

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Posted July 18, 2007

The Burnsville Land Community, a non-profit that represents residents of a 14-lot manufactured housing park in Burnsville, North Carolina, hopes to buy its park. They have purchased an option to buy their park for $300,000. You can see what it looks like in a short presentation created by CRA-NC.  Click on "small" in the bottom left corner of the presentation window, and turn your sound on.  You can enable captions in the bottom right hand corner.

Twelve of the fourteen homes in the park are owned by residents. The lot rents are low, and even after the purchase the lot rents will remain far below the price of a 2 bedroom apartment in the surrounding area.

These residents work in construction, in fast food, at the local textile mill, and in the schools. The idea that nonprofit ownership creates a sustainable living arrangement for workforce housing is borne out by this plan.

The residents are being assisted by CRA-NC and by the Center for Participatory Change. We are in conversation with funders and developers.

If successful, nonprofit ownership will bring security to these residents. They will not have to fear the closure of their park and the subsequent loss of their homes.