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King County Council vows to stem park closures

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Posted August 1, 2007

“When you are faced with a hundred senior citizens who might go homeless next year, you act quickly to find solutions,” says King County (Seattle, WA) Councilmember Reagan Dunn. 

Dunn and fellow Councilmember Larry Phillips  introduced a motion for the County to identify alternatives to stop the closure of mobile home parks in the area.  The need for action derives from the parks' ability to provide a source of affordable housing that cannot otherwise be duplicated for the same cost. 

They are acting in response to the impending closure of Wonderland Estates on the

immediate outskirts of Renton, Washington. 

The councilmembers point to 2005 Census statistics that say that more than 3.5 million American families (or about 10 million people) live in land-lease parks.  More than three-quarters of them are low-income.  New units sold for an average of $51,000, less than a quarter of the price of the average new home sold in the country in that year.