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Abandoned Homes Foil Best Intentions

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Posted August 7, 2007

Abandoned manufactured housing continues to irk leaders of rural North Carolina.  This article in the Rocky Mount (NC) Telegram illustrates how two counties in eastern North Carolina are impacted.

The problem takes on many hues.  Not only does it discourage economic

development, but county leaders find that the homes are eyesores.   In Scotland County, to the south, a solid waste enforcement officer believes that they foster the right conditions for meth labs.

 "They are homes for snakes, rodents, drug users, and alcoholics,” says Scotland County Solid Waste Enforcement Officer J.R. Horne.  “They are used for drug houses, for different kinds of things, because they are hidden.  Out of sight, out of mind.  That is what they want.  If they can get a few together, they go out and set up a meth lab four miles out in the woods.  While the property owner says ‘I’m not going to mess with it,’ then they go to work.  This is an issue that all counties need to face, because of the drug issue that we have in society right now.”