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Multimedia Presentation

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Posted August 15, 2007

A 16 photo multimedia presentation by the Associated Press conveys a lot about the developing confrontation in Thermal, California between Harvey Duro and the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

The BIA wants to close down Duro's large land-lease mobile

home park.  The park, home to almost 4,000 people who mostly make their livelihood working as farmworkers, is far from ideal.

The pictures show the conditions.  The park has been allegedly been cited by both the BIA and the Environmental Protection Agency for overcrowding, clean-water violoations, illegal dumping, and open sewage.

Residents pay about $275 per month for lot rent in one of these parks.  With utilities, monthly costs reach as high as $500.

The BIA assumes regulatory authority because the park lies in the Torres Martinez Reservation.  Duro is a member of the  reservation.

In North Carolina, legislators passed minimum housing codes for farmworker housing this year.  Legislators in Washington State are considering rules in the same vein.  While those rules will not legislate conditions similar to what suburban America knows, they do improve upon these problems.