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Residents Complete Park Purchase in California

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Posted August 20, 2007

Residents of Palm Terrace MHP completed six years of organizing efforts to purchase their park. Palm Terrace, located in Aptos, California, has 48 units. Forty-two residents were a part of the group that organized to buy the park.

The residents formed a non-profit in 2000, hoping that at some point in time

there would be an opportunity to buy the park from its private owners. That opportunity developed in 2004, when owners indicated a willingness to sell to the residents. More work was still needed, of course, as the residents sought financing and identified the necessary improvements to the park's infrastructure.

The park had been working under rent control. According to Dennis Connors, a representative of the residents, this contributed to a lack of maintenance in the park. Now that they own the park, the residents plan to begin sprucing it up. Their first project will be repainting the park clubhouse.

The ownership change has occurred at a time when Santa Cruz County appears to have a challenging time finding enough affordable housing. An article in the August 8th Mid-County Post appears alongside this one about recent court actions in the county. Apparently, Santa Cruz County has been slow to adequately plan enough affordable housing in its borders.