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King County Develops An Agenda for Mobile Home Parks

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Posted August 31, 2007

The King County, Washington City Council has articulated a set of discrete goals for the area's mobile home parks. This follows work highlighted in an earlier blog entry about their efforts to tackle issues in mobile home parks.

In all, there are five planks to their agenda. The idea is to bring policy attention to the needs of these fonts of affordability. Indeed, the Council points out that almost 10 million Americans live in mobile home parks. There are more than 55,000 such parks in all. That count excludes the many mobile homes set on individual lots. Of those 10 million, the Council says that more than three-quarters are considered low-income.

“The price of housing in King County is putting tremendous strain on both seniors and people of my generation - young, first-time homebuyers,” said Councilmember Reagan Dunn. “With a median home price of $465,000 in King County, the bar to home ownership has been raised far above the heads of many middle class families. We are looking to protect affordable housing stock wherever it is threatened.”

The next step will take place on Sept. 30th, when the County Executive reports on the initial implementation of the plan.