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A Durham Park Finds its own niche

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Posted September 5, 2007

Birchwood RV Park in Durham, North Carolina has found a new way to put the flexibility and affordability of manufactured housing to use.

This park provides short-term leases for people who want a place to stay while they go to the hospitals in the Triangle.  Durham is home to Duke University Hospital, a VA Hospital, and to Durham Regional Hospital. Ten miles to the southwest is the UNC-Chapel Hill Hospital system.

That is not the entire population.  Some people rent mobile homes for even shorter stays.  An article in the Durham News says that the park is currently home to some long-term travelers from Australia.

The park is affordable.  A spot with water, electric, and sewer hookups costs $398 for a month.  A "dry" spot, without those amenities, is just $35 per month.  A week stay can be had for just $159 and a night is only $29.

The park is managed by a Thanh Pham, a former boat person who emigrated to the United States from Vietnam.   Pham lives on site at the 40 acre park, where 100 homes are spread out not far from Duke Forest.