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Residents Face Eviction in Pennsylvania

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Posted September 7, 2007

Residents at the Fox Ridge Trailer Park moved out of their homes on Aug. 31st, following a short notice that their park was closing.  Park owners RMN Enterprises closed the park in July.

The Wilkes-Barre Times Leader explains the story here.  What is sad is that this is hardly unusual.  It is just another day and another park closure.

Notice  a few things about this story.

One, the park residents want to stay.  They like living in their home and they would be willing to continue to pay rent.

Two, it is difficult to move a home.  Lawrence Ziemba, 69, had to abandon his home of 10 years because they could not find a way to transport it safely.  Debbie White says that she spent several thousand dollars moving her home to Poconos Mobile Home Park.

Three, there are few alternatives.  Jim Siegel, another resident, reports that he contacted eight parks about renting a lot.  None of them would have him.  Either they had no space or they would not accept his 1972 (pre-Hud-Code) home.