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New Traffic for BankTalk

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Posted April 19, 2010

BankTalk's readership is surging.  Last month, we reached more than 17,000 viewers.  That is up from 12,000 in February and just 8,000 in January.  Thanks to all of the interest.

From what I can tell, we have a fairly diverse set of readers:

  • tax preparers
  • investment analysts
  • facebook friends
  • consumer advocates
  • community foundations
  • Real Estate professionals
  • payday lenders
  • newspaper reporters

This week, perhaps because of our recent coverage on use of MetaBank cards by paramilitary organizations, our normal audience has grown to include some new readers. I've noticed that our Twitter feeds are now being picked up not just by "CardOne" and "econaddict", but also by "MossadAssassins" and "ActsofTreason." Glad to have you on board, guys. If you didn't know about MetaBank, now you do!