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EZ Corp

Wells Fargo Administers New Credit Line for EZ Pawn

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Posted May 12, 2011

EZCorp (EZPW), the parent of well-known pawn shop EZ Pawn, secured up to as much as $225 million in a revolving line of credit. The credit agreement is secured by various unnamed lenders and administered by Wells Fargo.

The new credit line replaces an $80 million line and a $40 million term loan that were both set to expire in the next 18 months. EZ paid down about $22.5 million in

Unbanked Notes

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Posted December 8, 2010

  • Green Dot sold 4.27 million class A common shares, pricing at approximately $61 per share, on Tuesday. The sale was their second public offering this year. They sold about 9 million shares in June, with a price of about $34.
  • A former Jackson Hewitt service manager was convicted this week on charges of falsifying the tax returns of her clients. The U.S. Justice Department said that she filed 20 returns that "she knew were false." The changes cost taxpayers $165,000.
  • In their most recent annual report, EZ Corp (EZ Pawn) reported that revenues increased 22.3 percent. Their auto lending segment, which derives revenues from fees on car title lending, increased revenues sixfold. Car title lending is only legal in about half of the US. EZ

Bank Notes

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Posted May 20, 2010

Guess what state leads the nation in the highest average credit awarded to tax filers under the Child Tax Credit? If you guessed Massachusetts, you would be wrong.  The child tax credit, it turns out, is a boom for red states in the West, particularly those that are largely rural.  The leader, not surprisingly, is Utah.  In Utah, the average credit was $342.  Lowest? The District of Columbia, at $104.  Why the large discrepancy? There are two factors.  First, states with higher family sizes have a big advantage.  Idaho was second, Wyoming was third, followed by Nebraska and Alaska .  As well, it hurts if incomes are generally higher.  Northeastern states lagged.

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