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The Unmet Innovation in Prepaid

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Posted November 6, 2012

Given that prepaid debit cards have changed a lot in recent years and given that there is an expectation that they will continue to change rapidly in the future, one of the most important conversations about the product tends to be around future innovation. The questions of how and if credit will be adopted on prepaid is most closely linked to innovation, but there are better blue oceans to explore. In the last few years, no innovation has disrupted more

Smart Phone Underwriting

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Posted June 25, 2012

For the last two decades, underwriting has been driven by credit scoring. The ingredients that influence a credit score have been fairly static for some time. They depend upon the utilization of credit, your repayment history, the types of credit that you have already, the length that you have kept those accounts open, and how recently you have opened other credit accounts.

That approach may soon change.

More Briefs for the Bankers

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Posted May 3, 2010

A few more short items:

I am intrigued by this interview, profile,  and case study about how H&R Block is using social media to manage their brand image.  I guess that it should not be surprising that corporations are looking to capitalize on new media. Then again, it is surprising. Block is tracking tweets that reference its brand.

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Block is reaching out to communicate with influential bloggers.  To Block, twitter isa listening tool, and not merely a micro-blog for sending out messages.No doubt, Block is reading this message, too.

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